Sunday, January 10, 2010

sunday, jan 10: deep-cleaning and decluttering the house, in and of itself, is not joy-inducing. it's headache-inducing, perhaps. overwhelming and tiring, for sure. but there is no 'joy' in the process. i am exhausted and yet still feel the compulsion to finish the job. it can be soul-cleansing and i have joy when i am finished and survey the house, organized and clean (mostly; i ignored the art table/filing bin) -- no more piles of paper and books falling over the place (mostly), no more toys piled up in precarious towers.

after taking out three trader joe's paper bags full of recycled material to the recycling bin, three giant trash bags to the trash, two giant trash bags and one box of clothes/toys, plus a bike, to twice as nice, a box of books and magazines to bookman's and another, larger box of books prepared to be taken to friends of pima county library, along with sweeping, mopping, scrubbing, dusting and vacuuming almost every available surface, i thought i'd feel a little more joyful; instead, i see everything i missed. but that's not the point of this resolution. the point is to see the joy.

so, i will turn my focus from the small section of house i didn't clean today and i will look at the rest of the house -- sparkly, organized, clean.

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