Tuesday, January 19, 2010

tuesday, jan 19: i get an e-mail out of the blue from a friend, t: want to meet for a slow wog tonight? yes!

i bring ash, who decides baby z, mama p and t's mom j are the coolest people ever. he tells me to keep doing laps with t around the park. more, mom, more, he says. do three more laps!

t fills me in on the ultra and we talk about skiing and snowboarding and running while he limps beside me. the combo of his long legs and my short legs usually means that his walk is my jog, but not tonight. he is still recovering from 38.5 miles on sunday. i don't mind. i just like being out, in the evening, moving my body, while talking. it's wonderfully delightful.

baby z laughs and giggles and squirms and claps and ever so tentatively walks around the park. ash is delighted with him. ash also decides mama p and j are awesome, too, and when we go to the library after the run, he drags j in and shows her all the awesome books.

we part with loud, cheery good-byes and can't wait for the next time we get to get together.

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