Monday, February 1, 2010

good (k)night

saturday, jan 30: i am exhausted. the day was stress-filled, people stimulated, full of negative emotions and unable to fix them. i am surprised and sad, and unsure how to sort out my own emotions surrounding the issue, when my knight in shining armor, otherwise known as my boyfriend in a beige "granny car" suburu, pulls up at the curb. he sweeps me away, or rather putt-putts down the road, and takes me to a stress-free dinner that includes a glass of soft red wine to ease the stress out of my body. he takes me through downtown Phoenix, where we walk and explore and hold hands and play in fountains and light sculptures. when we find a pianist who plays beautiful music, we listen, clap enthusiastically and buy his cd. i treasure this cd, a reminder of a magical night with a magical knight that brought such joy and laughter.

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