Sunday, February 7, 2010

rainy morning

sunday, feb 7: i open the front door, intending to bring in the rugs I left drying on the balcony overnight, only to be greeted with rain -- and sopping wet rugs. oops. instead, i turn on my computer to check the weather and discover an email from a friend who is doing an aquathlon at the UA -- just down the road -- this morning. i check the time -- if we leave now, we might still get to cheer him on. i bundle up ash and we head out into the rain. after wandering the UA, cheering on other runners, and getting wet, we find his mom at the finish line. we haven't missed him yet. a few minutes later, he comes running through the finish line. yay! we explore around the pool as the rain gets harder and harder. ash is completely, absolutely soaking wet by this time, and even i -- under the umbrella -- can't hide from it. we are chilled to the bone but we laugh as we make our way back to our car. what better way to start a sunday than with a spontaneous adventure in the rain.

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